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From cafés, bars and restaurants to high-street retail shops, hotels, reception areas, museums and hospitals.
How it works...
installing your digimura wallcoverings
In order to create your perfect mural wallpaper,
we have illustrated a step by step plan below to guide you through the design process.
video 1 priming and preparation
Video 1: explores the appropriate primer, adhesives, correct tools and surface preparation required prior to hanging your image. Click to view.
Wall measurements
taken and sent to us
video 2 pre installation
Video 2: important parts of the pre-installation process to ensure that your image is plumb centered vertically & horizontally. Click to view.
Simply measure your wall space
and send us the dimensions...
Muraspec have created three videos to help explain the process of installing Digimura and Muramour digital wallcoverings.
video 2 hanging your wallpaper
Video 3: explores how to hang your digital image - hints & tips on how to get the best from your image whilst applying it to the wall. Click to view.
Scale drawings
are then taken
A final draft is created
for your approval
We create scale drawings of your wall and room from the measurements provided...
We then overlay the artwork
to create a scale draft of
what your image will look like
to make sure you are happy before printing proceeds...
Your artwork then
goes to print
Hanging your final
printed wallpaper
We then print your image in strips
of wallpaper...
We will then send you your wallpaper for you to hang.
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your project
01726 893129
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Conditions of use / storage...
Hanging Instructions for Digimura...
• Do not stand the roll on its end.

• We recommend that you keep this product in its original packaging when not being used.
• Apply undiluted (Murabond) adhesive to the surface to be covered using a medium-pile paint roller. Only paste one drop area at a time.

• Use a soft spatula to apply Digimura to the prepared surface using a smooth up-and-down motion. Take care not to squeeze the adhesive out at the edges.

• Let Digimura settle for about 15 minutes before trimming the top and bottom.

• If you want to butt join drops of Digimura, align the design top to bottom and work away from the butted edge with the same up-anddown motion using your handy spatula. You can also safely seal the butt joins using a small rubber roller along the join. But go easy with the roller as overworking the join could cause the edges to fray.

• If you want to overlap and trim Digimura, overlap sufficiently to match up the design and then trim down the middle. If you don’t want to join it up straight away, turn back the edges by about 5cm (2”) until you are ready to make the join with the next drop of Digimura.
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